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BrandSpeak are Content Marketing Specialists


About Us

At the heart of BrandSpeak is 35 years of enthusiasm and commitment invested in design and directing for theatre. And many years in services marketing in Auckland.


1. Creative concept and production of drip marketing campaigns on social media. 

2. Priceless testimonials on-location, where enthusiasm is pays big dividends. Delivering information and insights for building trust and commitment.

3. Scriptwriting, filming, voiceover, artisan editing.

Often we film to the highest production values to align with the prestige of a brand.   BrandSpeak helps first and foremost our clients to communicate with authority, authenticity, and warmth. Our culture stems from the performing arts stage and television – where the priority is for connection and influence.


  1. Consult – Understanding brand activation requirements, customer expectations, objectives
  2. Plan —– Identifying the perspectives from which to create originality in content
  3. Script —Scripting for voiceover and narration
  4. Film —– Efficiency and care
  5. Edit —– Empathy with brand values and objectives
  6. Deliver – Review via Wistia. Management of social media postings
  7. Review — Adjusting video content based upon viewer engagement
  8. Archive – Retaining raw footage for re-purposing


“Spaceline a builder of high-end desirable homes maintains closely specified requirements for online content. We continue to engage BrandSpeak for this application due to their responsiveness to our evolving needs. Furthermore they often initiate suggestions for developing the effectiveness of each production.”
Wilson Hawes. Business Unit Manager, Fletcher Residential.

Peter’s technical direction and enthusiasm helped me to bring my message to life. People have complimented me on ‘being natural’ in the profile BrandSpeak produced and I credit Peter with helping me achieve that effect. I think that made the difference between achieving “OK footage” and “great quality work.”
Cath Vincent of Cath

“Peter at BrandSpeak was a dream to work with. He came along to our premises on a couple of occasions and shot our ‘Intro to Cloud Accountants’ video in an efficient and professional manner. He was also efficient with the editing and presenting of the final version of the video, including processing final changes. I would definitely recommend.
Justin Keen, Director, Cloud Accountants.

Phone 09 213 8817
Mobile 021 534000

Based at Pine Harbour Marina, East Auckland.