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September 12

Drip Marketing  – Bringing Customers Along for the Ride


Even SMEs can adopt the Social Drip Marketing example set by the Ford Motor Company leading up to the release of their award-winning Focus RS.

By humanising and personalising the brand Ford made such a success that demand for the car outstripped forecasts. They made heroes of the people behind the brand. They funneled viewers through the stages of  Trigger, Consider, Evaluate, Buy.  They made a connection, they fostered a level of  trust.

They also provided a platform for customers to post comments and make suggestions. Customers felt heard.

Via these posts people could express themselves and connect with other enthusiasts. In this way word-of-mouth generated street cred.

Small wonder Ford is the most followed and influential auto brand on social media channels.

Ford New Zealand sold its national allocation of 55 cars many months before any landed in the country. Buyers paid a deposit sight-unseen without even a test drive.

Albeit on a smaller SME scale, we can orchestrate the sales success of upcoming products by following this example.

Reference: ‘Rebirth of an Icon’  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JVhgCqHr2g  Eight videos following the development of the Focus RS.