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June 27

How to Influence with Integrity


ProPrompter Gives Presenters Max Credibility

If you ever have to present to camera you’ll be glad you came across this advice, it will work wonders for your personal brand.

Always ask the filming company to transfer your script to a Teleprompter or Autocue. As you may know, these devices allow the presenter to eyeball the camera whilst reading a script. This way, the presenter will appear confident and look as though they know their stuff as well as they do.

Trust me,  unless you have just a sentence or two to deliver, it is likely you will falter, resulting in having to film several attempts due to your omitting key points and phrases.

Beware! Some individuals enjoy speaking to an audience without notes. They are convinced they can ‘wing it’. But they underestimate the task of speaking fluently to camera, it is very different to speaking to a live audience. Understandably these people will insist they need only to refer occasionally to their main points.  The result is frustrating stops and starts in the filming process. Of course, an editor can cut away to other footage during these stops and starts, but fluency without interruption works best of all.

Insist on an Autocue. You will deliver a presentation you can be proud of, and which viewers will find compelling and watchable.