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August 26

‘All the World’s a Stage’ … Including the World of Business

Lighting design for the performing arts must create ambience, it must suggest circumstance.

But no matter how elaborate a stage set, it the actors and stage will appear uninteresting without light which has colour, texture, shape, intensity and direction.

Whether for theatre or corporate video it is essential to ‘paint with light’ – the advice given by acclaimed theatre designer  Tracy Lord-Grant who once explained those fundamentals to me.

In the corporate world, tasked with making our clients look the part, we have upgraded the lighting equipment we use on location. It has wide variability and a 93+ colour rendition index (CRI) which makes for flattering and natural skin tones essential for the interviews  and testimonials we produce.

We find it is essential for us to ‘paint with light’ to support our clients who must play their roles convincingly and with poise.

(‘All the world’s a stage’ from ‘As you Like It’ by William Shakespeare (Jaques 2.7.139))

( we chose Fiilex P310 LED floodlights)