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September 28

The Entire Value or Just a Glimpse?

video exposes hidden value

When customers can see the value in the product they want to buy. When they get the full story –  they are in the best position to make a sound purchase decision.

In exposing and presenting value, sales puffery and bold claims go only so far. Customers want evidence of value. Sales slogans must give way to visual proof along with the authentic spoken word of delighted and loyal customers.

Video is the reliable way to provide proof and evidence.

Problem is, this evidence must cover the many facets of value, only some of which may align with the customer’s requirements, preferences, and tacit desires.

So, how to cover all the myriad facets of value to which customers attach value?

Well, all customers are interested in each of these markers of value – in varying degrees:

  • Total cost of ownership
  • Reliability and repeatability of supply
  • Personalised care and attention
  • Response to emergencies and unexpected change
  • Range and availability of product
  • Rate of evolution and research and development
  • Company image, prestige, and standing

So if you’ve got value – flaunt it. Customers await!