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March 15

CEO and the PrimeTime Hero

CEO must be as influential as the Prime Time TV Hero

CEO must be as influential as Prime Time TV Heroes

Communicating one-to-many works wonders for the CEO intent upon expressing leadership.

Harnessing the power of video, the CEO can broadcast their credibility and influence. Just as the heroes do in primetime TV shows.

The same weight of influence is available to the CEO who makes the most of video communication

A video strategy for the CEO will include clips that cover enterprise goals, achievements, and stories which reinforce culture and values.

Cost is no barrier: Smartphone cameras can be used to make prize-winning films at Cannes and TV adverts for Bentley.

However, the strategy does require filmmaking skills. A filmmaker creates the space for enthusiasm and sincerity. Audiences love to watch those qualities in action. They make for enterprise-wide influence.