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November 5

Branding Requires No Pretence

When a company commissions a promotional video it generates an opportunity to impress.

But the outcome will be disappointing if the video over-embellishes the company, and depicts a level of service excellence that customers have yet to experience!

The urge to impress is understandable, but we can fall into the trap of assuming this means we can present our company as more of a big player than it really is.

To attract customers – at least, those who will be most profitable – it is best to represent the company and its people authentically.

Enthusiasm needs no facade. The level of service that customers delight in needs no embellishment beyond creative storytelling delivered with integrity.

As for the company’s premises and facilities, yes highlight these. But a video testimonial given by a delighted customer will deliver insights and build trust in.

Branding is built upon authentic stories and truthful representation.